The four founding directors of GNC Electrics have over 100 years of experience in IT and in electrical engineering at senior levels in government and large organisations.

This combined experience has resulted in them pulling this expertise together to develop the UK's first CIStrician training course for electrical engineers, IT Technicians and other electrically biased level 3 apprenticeships, to work on the very complex and valuable ICT cabinets that can hold billions of pieces of information about a company's customers, suppliers and staff.

GNC Electrics, a sister company to GNC Technology Ltd which was formed in 2013 is based in The West Midlands but covers the UK.

"We have taken the best of our experiences and learning and created a first-class service for our clients and their staff," said Paul Guha, founding Director who added "our clients trust us to do what we say and to find the best solutions to fit their needs and budget. We pride ourselves in delivering efficient products, services, and training in a friendly and professional manner."