Portable Appliance Testing otherwise known as PAT Testing and Fixed Appliance Testing (FAT Testing) is vital to protect your business and its employees.

GNC Electrics offer a first-class PAT testing and FAT Testing service to enable our customers to fulfil their obligations with regard to equipment safety.  This ensures a safe and compliant environment for all staff and visitors.

All portable appliances with a mains plug need testing. This includes:

  • Computers, monitors and peripherals requiring mains power

  • Audio and telephone equipment requiring mains power

  • Kettles, microwave ovens, and other kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and extension leads

  • Fixed appliances such as wall heaters and servers

We use the latest PAT equipment to test both 230V and 110V appliances and, as specialists, we are best placed to help you comply with your legal obligations.

All our testing is carried out in accordance with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). code of practice.

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