The Electrical Safety Roundtable Presents 12 Easy Steps to Safe Isolation Infographic

In a recent blog article by Frank Bertie,  Chairman of The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers and NAPIT Group’s Chief Technical Officer, he discusses his involvement with The Electrical Safety Roundtable and their launch of the 6th Point of PPE Lock-Off Kit, Safe Isolation infographic.

He also revealed that 25% of electricians rarely or never use a lock out kit to isolate the electrical supply they are working on.  

Frank said  “The infographic was completed at the start of spring 2020 and since then we have seen ourselves in unprecedented times with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, however the dangers surrounding electricity never went away. 

The roundtable created the infographic with the assistance of Louise Taggart. Louise is an influential health and safety campaigner who sadly lost her brother Michael in 2005 as a result of an electrical incident at work, which should and could have been prevented. Michael Adamson was a 26-year-old electrician who had plenty of experience behind him. Michael cut a cable which was marked ‘NOT IN USE’, however it was in fact wired into a distribution board and was not safely isolated. Michaels story has been a massive influence throughout the creation of this infographic. It is now the goal of the group to promote this infographic extensively and make sure safe isolation is common practice to avoid devastating accidents like this happening in the future”.

Read the full article on the launch of the infographic here

Download the infographic here

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