In a recent article in Equinox on what next for the future of Enterprise Data Centres it mentioned some of the findings from the Gartner Report. To download the report click here.

Traditional data centres are now feeling the impact of disruption from the cloud, edge computing, advances in colocation and hosting services. In addition, advances in the areas of power, cooling, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, operations, hardware and software are transforming enterprise data centres as never before.

According to the Gartner analyst report, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders responsible for building and sustaining dependable infrastructure should follow these recommendations:


  • Expand I&O skill sets, practices and procedures to accommodate unbiased, hybrid IT operations and develop a hybrid IT workload placement strategy to maximise business value.
  • Create an asset inventory of infrastructure products, people, processes and providers across the IT project portfolio to start the process of simplifying, standardising and rationalising the enterprise data centre.
  • Select and design infrastructure that is adaptable to the resilience requirements of digital business systems by establishing planning principles that account for the changing nature of infrastructure resilience debt.

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