In a recent article, The Electrical Times explained the Governments COVID-19 return to work strategy and the importance of keeping the workplace well ventilated.   As a key principle, evidence suggests, that the virus is less likely to be passed on in well-ventilated buildings and outdoors.

For businesses, the Government has also issued sector-specific guidance for working safely during COVID-19. All types of businesses can use these guidelines to make sure their premises are ‘COVID-19 secure’. To meet their duty of care, employers need to reduce workplace risk to the lowest reasonably practical level by taking preventive measures. The guidance, therefore, lists steps to take to assess and manage the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace. Once companies have complied with the guidance, they can display a notice to confirm their business is COVID-19 secure. Ventilation plays a critical part in managing transmission risk and so is a vital consideration during this process, with the document stating that businesses should check whether a ventilation system needs to be serviced or adjusted before reopening.

Read the full article from Electrical Times here


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